Adam Hudson-Harris

Funeral Director

I am Adam Hudson-Harris i am the 5th Generation of our family Business, I live in Carlisle with my Son Oscar

After spending most of my childhood growing up at the family home where George Hudson & sons is based, I was relatively late to come into the family business. I was never pushed into joining the business and I decided to spread my wings.

In 2008 after college I travelled to Kenya Africa for 3 months to work as a volunteer while there I helped to build an orphanage from the ground up using traditional tools. I worked in a hospital weighing new born babies and giving out Polio vaccinations. I also did some primate conservation and marine conservation working to clean the beaches and to take records of rock pools and the inhabitants they hold. This work gave me good insight into life in other parts of the world.

After coming back from Africa to find the recession had hit hard I dabbled in a few jobs before finding work at a new Restaurant Merienda. Being a people person I quickly made strong connections with Customers many of which I still see today. I worked my way up to manager gaining qualifications in customer service and management.

When I decided to come into the family business, I decided I wanted to learn the trade in Nottingham with a different company. I spent a year down there learning the trade and seeing how we compare as a small family business to a much larger business operating over a dozen branches. There was a different culture in Nottingham also which was very interesting.

After having family holidays in Australia I decided to do some traveling over there and ended up staying two years. Working on a farm to gain my second year visa and working as a Restaurant manager across Brisbane and Melbourne. After my time in Australia I decided to come back home and join the family business. Working alongside my Mum, Dad & Sister makes me incredibly Proud.