Prepayment Funerals and Funeral Plans

“Always make sure you’ve got enough put by to pay for your funeral!”

That’s a bit of traditional advice still taken seriously, particularly among elderly people.

It is not just a matter of consideration, of not wanting the financial burden of your funeral to fall on relatives and friends left behind. It’s a matter of pride, too.

Traditionally, people bought inexpensive life insurance policies to meet the cost. But if they took them out 30 or 40 years ago they are worth mere pounds now – nowhere near the cost of a funeral today.

With the choice of a prepayment scheme you can choose the Funeral you would like, pay for it at today’s prices and we guarantee that on the day you die the service you requested will be paid for, without family or friends having to pay any more towards the cost.

Your Choice

Our prepayment scheme can be a bespoke  service at a given cost, it allows you to decide what you want, down to the smallest detail. This will include the

  • Funeral Directors charges;
  • Removal of the deceased to the Chapel-of-Rest from the place of death.
  • Care of the deceased until the day of the funeral.
  • The coffin of your choice.
  • The hearse and limousines (if required).
  • Disbursements.
  • Fees the Funeral Director pays on behalf of the client i.e Newspaper announcements,
  • Church fees, Doctors fees, Flowers, etc.

We will give you a full written estimate of all the items you require without obligation and leave you to contact us when you have decided the arrangements are right for you.

On Reflection

We recognise that arranging your own funeral is a relatively new concept and in many cases it is a difficult thing to do. We give you time to reflect on the arrangements, to make any alterations before you pay for them. But remember if you decide in the weeks following completion of the arrangements that you wish to cancel them, we will give you your money back!

The Cost of A Prepayment Funeral

The cost of the funeral depends on what you want. The Funeral Director is trained to help you to decide how you want your funeral to be carried out without influence or pressure.

Whilst you are considering a Funeral Pre-payment Plan we strongly recommend that you make a will to ensure complete peace of mind with everything you have.

If you decide to go ahead with a Pre-Payment Plan, it is important to inform your Next of Kin or Executors about it. You would not want them to contact a Funeral Director unaware that you have already arranged everything and paid for it.